Soccer drills for kids from U5 to U10 - Soccer coaching with fantasy

Here everyone can find soccer coaching drills for U5 to U10, along with proposals for a kid-friendly explanation.

Inclusive explanations and help on the following topics:

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The main part of this site contains exciting, varied and imaginative soccer drills for practicing with the stars of tomorrow. They are suitable for all ages from the U5s to U10s. Particular emphasis was placed on age-appropriate content, which in turn does not train the kids just one-sided and soccer specific.


- For each practice routine there is an imaginative explanation: where is the dragon during the soccer drill or the jungle or who's the king?

- A brief story can be told to the kids about each soccer drill. These stories are no more than 6 sentences long, so the concentration of the kids is not affected too much.

- Details on the goal of the soccer drill, the setup, the execution, tips and variations will let each soccer drill become the highlight of the practice, and the kids will love it.

- A clear and concise plan for each drill allows you to recognize the process clearly and at first glance.

- This website is rounded out by important tools and explanations in regards to the special training of kids, such as performing rituals or advice on how to put together a kid-friendly exercise.

On modern forms of training are shown by animated examples. The many questions that we were asked in regards to the training of kids have led to the creation of this area. Contacts with coaches all around the world have been helpful in the selection of these types of soccer practice drills.