Coordination - Shooting Star

A. Learning goal


Ball coordination, catching, team play


B. Fantasy


Shooting stars = balls


C. Story


It's a real night of shooting stars. Countless fall from the sky, we only need to catch them, otherwise they will break on the ground.


D. Organization


Creat two big teams. The teams will be divided into two groups, where in one group each child will get one ball. Layout of four small goal squares. Add one or two goals as an obstacle to further develop competition. The goals should not be too high for the children.



E. Training routine


The kids through the ball over an obstacle (goal?) or from target field to target field. For each caught ball a point will be given. Kicker and catcher exchange action groups.


F. Variations


- Use different balls (eg.: football, volleyball, tennisball, handball)
- Pass the ball to another member of the ball.


G. Tips


- Start with light balls.
- Pay attention to the performance of the kids.