Coordination - Looking for a parking space

A. Learning goal

Movement coordination, responsiveness

B. Fantasy

First car = two kids
Second car = two kids with a ball
Parking space = gap in a circle

C. Story

We drive to a big city and look for a parking space. Suddenly we see an empty space, but unfortunately we have already passed it. So we must turn around again and go back, but we must do it quickly, otherwise the parking space will be gone.

D. Organization

A group of children hold hands, forming a circle. Two pairs of players move around the circle also holding hands. One of the pairs doesn’t hold a ball.

E. Training routine

The pair without the ball will open a gap in the circle by touching the hands of two players in it. Now it's about to reach as quickly as possible the gap and into the circle. This is only allowed once the circle has been surrounded.

The other two children also hold hands and dribble. They will try to reach the gap first. The winning pair of children will then exchange position with two other children in the circle.

F. Variations

- To start the exercise and get used to it, the children will hold the ball with their hands.
- The players of the winning pair get each a point. Who has more points at the end of the exercise?
- Make groups of three instead of pairs.

G. Tips

- Fast and frequent task changes.
- Pay attention to the responsiveness of the kids with each variation.