Goal Shot - Snail shell


A. Learning goal


Movement coordination, shooting


B. Fantasy


Shell = training routine
Snail = ball
Hiding routine = goal
Bird = goalkeeper


C. Story


The snail has had enough of life in the narrow shell. She wants to explore the world and makes herself out on the road. Outside, she notices that she is no longer protected and dangers lurk everywhere. Therefore she looks for a hiding to be safe. But it is not so easy, because at the entrance to the hiding place there is a bird.


D. Organization


The soccer exercise takes place with floor markings. A goalkeeper, a goal, enough balls and don’t forget the throw and shooting marks.


E. Training routine


The children run with the ball in the hands out of the itinerary and roll the ball from the marks into the goal. The goalkeeper tries to stop the scoring.
As a competition variation it can take place between teams or individually.


F. Variations


- The kids dribble within the itinerary.
- Various movements within the itinerary.
- Several kids start at the same time.


G. Tips


- The training routine is not easy.
- Try for smaller groups, to minimize the waiting time.
- Change the goalkeeper frequently.