Team Games - The Golden Door

A. Learning goal


Communication, Dribbling


B. Fantasy


Door guard- players in the marked zone
Jewelry box- object in the destination square
Knight- dribbler


C. Story


The queen’s jewelry box has been stolen. Whoever brings it back will receive a high reward. Groups of knights have come together and actually found the hiding place of the jewelry box. All well and good, but the box is behind golden door and front guards are stationed. The door opens only when all the first names of the guards can be recited without error. Then we just ask the guards for their names, and remember them.


D. Organization


Make three groups. Each player of a group takes a place in the marked zone. Each one should think of a fantasy-name and can’t leave the designated zone. In another area there is an object. The other two groups line up to start markers.



E. Training routine


Both groups dribble around the wager, it doesn‘t matter in which order they dribble. Once a kid has been dribbled, he will be asked for the fantasy names. The group that has collected the most the fantasy names, sends a player to the destination rectangle of the object in the group gets. Then the group must recite all the names. Only when this is done correctly, the victory is secured. Then a new group takes over the position in the marked zones and the game begins again.


F. Variations


- The kids run without a ball.
- Each group is allowed to pick an object. If the fastest groups can’t remember all the names, the slowest one is allowed to try it and get a chance to win.
- No fantasy names, but players or team names.


G. Tips


- Vary the distance between the marked zones.
- Ideal will be a puppet as an object.
- Use small groups.