Team Games - Mr Smith and Mrs Jones

A. Learning goals


Dribbling, coordination, communikation


B. Fantasy


Mr Smith = The boys in the team
Mrs Jones = The girls in the team
Fruit = Ball


C. Story


Mr Smith and Mrs Jones are very nice people. They’ve been shopping, and they’ve bought some fruit for their neighbours. Now they bump into each other on the street. “Hello, Mr Smith” and “Hello, Mrs Jones”, the pair call out to each other as a greeting. The fruit is then passed over, and with the words “Goodbye, Mr Smith” and “Goodbye, Mrs Jones”, the pair continue on their way. They also shake hands, of course.


D. Organisation


A playing field is marked out and every second kid gets a ball.



E. Description


Half of the kids dribble with the ball, moving freely around the playing field. If a kid with a ball meets one without one, the ball is given to the other player. To to this, the player with the ball quickly steps on the ball.The players greet and say goodbye to each other, and the kids continue on their way.


F. Variations


- The ball is carried and passed between players in the kid´s hands.
- Each kid has a ball, the balls are swapped after the kids greet each other.


G. Tips


- Encourage communication.
- Make sure the kids are friendly to each other.