Soccer training for kids - Soccer Drills - Topics

Issues and Opinions

Now we are going to discuss some important issues that will enhance the practices and the social environment surrounding the youth team. This information should give you a lot to think about, from the syllabus to the parents.
The basis for a comprehensive education of young kids is the trainer's social skills.

Kids Soccer – A Mirror Image of our Society


When clubs evaluate game operations for kids soccer in a table-oriented manner, and coaches consequently behave in a win-oriented manner, this gives the observer (kids/parents) a false perception and destroys the philosophy of kids soccer.

1. Table-oriented game operations are not appropriate for children

2. Weaker players are marginalized

3. Players are often only utilized in one way


Fantasy in soccer training

Soccer is a kids' game and provides some exciting stories to make for  some diverse soccer practices.


Basic rules for dealing with a kids team

- The coach must be aware of his status as a role model.

- Keep praising the children; never criticize them openly.

- The coach sets boundaries and remains consistent in their implementation.

- Even bad sequences should be talked about in a positive manner.


Specifics – Fun and games – So easy and yet so hard

A. Goals

B. Soccer Drills selection and implementation

C. Game specifics

D. I’m not a soccer coach