Coordination - Octopus Race

A. Learning goals


Movement and ball coordination, team play


B. Fantasy


Octopus = Kids holding hands
Pearl = Ball
Seabed = Goal square


C. Story


We are at the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean. The sea here is ruled by giant octopuses, which nobody had ever seen, or even known about, until now. The octopuses own pearls which are more beautiful than anyone can imagine. Now the octopuses have been discovered, and they are trying to bring the pearls to safety by diving deeper and deeper into the sea.


D. Organisation


At least four children form a circle and hold hands. Each circle of kids in the soccer drill has a ball. A goal square is marked out.



E. Description


Groups of four to six children hold hands in a circle and attempt to move a ball in the middle of the circle into the goal. The ball is not allowed to leave the circle. Which team will find its way to the goal square first?


F. Variations


- Two balls in the circle.
- Use different balls ( ball, volleyball, tennisball, handball).


G. Tips


- The circle spins around as well as moving forwards and backwards.
- When introducing variations, pay attention to the team’s level of ability.