Theory for soccer coaches - selection

Issues and Opinions

Now we are going to discuss some important issues that will enhance the practices and the social environment surrounding the youth team. This information should give you a lot to think about, from the syllabus to the parents. The basis for a comprehensive education of young kids is the trainer's social skills.

Here is our guide to approaching the important topics of training and the social environment with a kids' team. The guide covers everything from training exercises to parents.

Kids Soccer – A Mirror Image of our Society
Fantasy in soccer training
Basic rules for dealing with a kids team
Specifics – Fun and games – So easy and yet so hard

Soccer coach for U5 to U10 Juniors

Kids' coaches are often ridiculed and their tasks seen to be simple. The social competency requirements for coaches who work with U5 to U10 Juniors are probably much higher than for those who work with other age groups. In terms of soccer expertise, the requirements are actually lower, especially for those who have the youngest players. The main objective is to show how enjoyable sport is in a playful way; soccer-specific expertise is less important. Coaches who deliver great content and are competent in dealing with kids are laying the foundations for many years of sporting activity.

From social competency to training design

There are certainly a lot of questions, and it is always a good sign if a coach questions his abilities when problems arise. Why are so few kids coming to training? Why do I always have problems with the parents? What are the best training exercises for kids of that age? Why am I a role model as a coach, and how should I reflect this role?


We don't just discuss principles and rituals here – many other topics are already in the pipeline. The job of a kids' coach is very wide-ranging and anyone who has decided to be one should keep themselves informed. You will soon discover that you're not the only coach with a particular problem, and often you will be able to discuss it with other coaches who have the same concerns.