Soccer drills - Passing exercise selection

Passing isn’t all that important for very young kids. However, we’ve also included a “Passing” section here because passing can be used in many fun soccer drills. Make passing into a competition, and let the kids run through the soccer drills with the balls in their hands. This makes training fun.

Passing with kids U5 to U10
Play like a professional player

Training kids to pass the ball (U5 to U10 age groups)

Take a look at these passing exercises, which are designed to teach other playing skills.

As a kids' coach, you will surely know that the youngest players can't yet pass so well and are not aware of their teammates. They will also be unable to gauge distances or use certain passing techniques.

However, passing can also be presented as a simple game with a partner. Please note the following basic rules:

  • Try not to leave anyone standing around
  • Make sure that those who are receiving the passes stay in their places
  • Avoid using various passing techniques in the same exercise
  • The kids can already slowly practise using both feet

Training exercises and the theory of passing

We train the kids to make rough passes without any opponents and with no pressure to use a certain technique. The key point is that the pass gets to the other player. The coach should offer no suggestions in regard to technique.

If you need any more information, you can inform yourself about the basic theory of passing techniques at our partner site The Soccerpilot website page "Soccer Coaching–Basic Techniques" offers a wide range of information about the most important passing techniques. The website also includes many passing exercises that cover everything from basic skills to combination passes. Please be careful to choose suitable training exercises. Stick to the basic principles and don't overtax your soccer protégés.