Passing - Exercise:

Professional Player

A Soccer exercise for the stars from tomorrow

Several traffic-cone goals are set up in a row on the practice pitch. The kids shoot balls through the goals simultaneously.

A. Learning goals

Accuracy - passing

B. Fantasy

Ladder of success=Ordering of cone goals

C. Story

If you want to become a professional footballer, you need to keep on climbing up the ladder of success. You can only become a professional if you practise a lot and always pay attention. That’s why we’ve set up lots of cone goals with different numbers – we want to see who can score the most goals with only one shot. But you also need a lot of luck to become a professional. So two players on each side shoot at the same time. Only the three best become professional soccer player at the end.

D. Organisation

Set up plenty of cone goals and two starting markers. Separate the children into two equally sized groups.

E. Description

Set up plenty of cone goals on the training field. A child is posted at each side of the first goal, and both shoot a ball through the goal at the same time. The ball should go through as many cone goals as possible. For each goal the ball passes through, the shooter gets a point. Unfortunately, it’s also possible for the balls to hit each other – bad luck. Which player can get the most points in one go?


  • Dribble up to the shooting position before shooting the ball.
  • Have the children roll the ball instead of shooting it.
  • Change the size of the goals.

G. Tips

  • Don’t forget to encourage the children to use both legs.
  • Lengthen the dribbling distance when shooting from a moving position.
Passing exercise professional player