Soccer drills - Goalshot exercise selection

Looking for goal-shooting exercises for U5 to U10 training sessions? Here's a range of training exercises that are full of fantasy and offer all the kids plenty of opportunities to score a goal.

Goalshots with the jungle monkeys
Soccer goalshots exercise with a dragon
Kids gaolshots in soccer
Exercise goalshots snail shell
Fantasy goalshot training for kids
Goalshot fantasy exercise with a monster

U5 to U10 goal-shooting exercises with exciting stories

What is more beautiful than the shot on goal? Not just for the little ones shooting on goal – with out any additional motivation – is always a highlight during practice. Additional soccer practice drills, which also include the shot on goal, can be found in every other category.

Kids love shooting goals

Goal-shooting exercises are very popular with soccer players of all age groups. Goal-shooting is always included in our training programmes for the U10s, U9s, U8s, U7s, U6s and U5s.

We teach the kids to shoot goals in an exciting way and don't spend much time standing around. It is important to form groups that are as small as possible, which is achieved by creating more training areas.

U5 to U10 juniors like to keep moving and hit a target with the ball. The target doesn't necessarily have to be a goal; it can also be a traffic cone, a pole or another suitable object.

We gradually increase skill requirements by using many versions of the exercise. Always start with an easy version and never disregard the playful nature of the training routines. We use different balls to provide variety, build exercises around fantasy stories, and sometimes add competitions to provide additional motivation.

Coaches must ensure that the kids have fun

The following principles must be observed to ensure that kids enjoy goal-shooting training exercises:

  • Goal-shooting is a game
  • Forget about coaching
  • Build the exercises around exciting stories
  • Give all the kids many shots at the goal
  • Use different balls
  • Praise every kid

As in other exercises, the technical side isn't too important. Kids need to have a sense of achievement; all of them, without exception. Good coaching should focus exclusively on praise.