Goalshot - Exercise:

Coughing Monster

a simply-structured exercise with an elephant

Can you imagine there's an elephant standing in the goal? Not really? It may be difficult for you, but not for the kids; they can see the elephant quite clearly, as they will loudly proclaim during training.

A. Learning goals

Shot on goal, fun game

B. Fantasy

Monster=the Kids
Cough syrup=the Ball
Sick Elephant=the goal

C. Story

The elephant in the jungle is sick and urgently needs cough syrup. That would be all too easy, if not the little monsters were trying to prevent the elephant from getting his syrup. The elephant must at least take his cough syrup five times, in order to get healthy again.

D. Organisation

Form several small groups. Plenty of balls, distance markers, one goal and one goalie are needed for this drill. Several goals are better to eliminate wait times.

E. Description

WARNING: strong nerves are required.

Form several small groups, which, one after the other, shoot on goal. Whoever does not belong to the group of the shooter is allowed to grimace, shout or do other things to distract the shooter. Make sure to get plenty of distance between the kids distracting and the child shooting on goal in order to avoid any physical contact. Which group scores 5 goals first?

F. Variations

  • Shooting on goal out of a dribble.
  • Before shooting on goal, shooter has to circle a cone.

G. Tips

  • Rotate goalie constantly.
  • Encourage noise from the monsters.
  • Ensure fair play, despite of the noise.
Goalshot exercise coughing monster