Soccer drills - Dribbling exercise selection

With lots of imagination and even more fun, we will practice dribbling with the kids. Dealing with different balls frequently and with a competitive edge, will teach ball handling skills. Some of these drills will stay long in the memories of the kids.

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Dribbling training for kids
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Dribbling exercise catch the thief
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Using dribbling to familiarise kids with the ball

When you're training kids, the first objective is to familiarise them with the ball, and these dribbling exercises will ensure success.

The coach provides simple explanations for various dribbling techniques. The kids are shown how to keep the ball close to their feet while moving forwards and frequently changing direction.

Dribbling is always very popular with kids; what could be more exciting than taking the ball wherever they like? It doesn't always work perfectly; short distances are relatively easy, but longer distances are more difficult. Many children reach their limits when they are also asked to change direction.

Ball control when dribbling

The fear of losing the ball is high, and kids are often unable to keep the ball close to their feet. Loss of control results in losing the ball, so we use little training exercises again and again to teach ball control. Dribbling is based on tight ball control, but that's not easy and we need to be patient.

Teaching dribbling techniques

Tight ball control exercises are continuously linked with moving the ball over greater distances. Various zones of the foot are used to contact the ball, which means that you need to teach several dribbling techniques. You can read about all the different techniques in the Soccerpilot article "Soccer Technique - Dribbling - Basics".