Dribbling - Exercise:

Cuckoo’s Nest

Using the exercise to teach kids how to dribble

Like to show your kids' soccer team how to dribble? Take a look at this exercise, which is tried and tested and great fun for kids.

A. Learning goals

Orientation ability, team play

B. Fantasy

Nests=marked squares

C. Story

The cuckoo is well known for laying its eggs in other birds' nests for hatching. In our game we have four nests filled with eggs. The cuckoos try to transport the eggs from their own nest in the nests of the others.

D. Organisation

Arrange four groups of the same size. Four squares will be marked, the distance between them should not be very big, to avoid making the exercise too strenuous. Each group gets assigned to one square and becomes the same amount of balls. The more balls, the better.

E. Training routine

The children transport the balls to another square with their hands, and they leave them there. Each kid can only transport one ball at a time. When they leave the ball in the other square, they can go back to their own square and take another ball from there and so it goes. Which team has the least balls in their square after certain period of time?

F. Variations

  • Dribbling with the ball.
  • The kids take the balls from the other squares into their own. Who has the most balls at the end of the game?
  • The kids can also transport two balls at the time.

G. Tips

  • Good measure, since only the squares can have equal distances between each other.
  • Do not overwhelm the kids, that is why short routes and competition period are ideal.
  • Do not forget the use of both legs.
Dribbling exercise cuckoo’s nest