Soccer drills - Have a go exercise selection

"Have a go” means that the soccer drill involve resources which are only available in exchange for a certain amount of effort. From water buckets to small tasks where something needs to be built or made, the kids or the coach need to find or create these resources. It’s sure to be an unusual method of training kids, but it’s very varied and enjoyable.

Masked ball in soccer training
The Kids like the soccer egg race
Teamwork, find the treasure map
Dancing soccer training, get a diplom

Train kids creatively with cognitive exercises

Here are some creative and cognitive soccer training exercises for kids. These exercises will motivate kids to join in the fun - high participation guaranteed.

Train kids creatively with cognitive exercises

Our "Have a go" training exercises are very popular with kids, especially in the U10 age group. These routines create quite a lot more work for the coach, because none of the exercises work without preparation.

We suggest that you involve the kids' parents or your own friends and family in the preparatory work in order reduce the amount of time that this requires.

"Have a go" doesn't only apply to the kids when you do these exercises; it also applies to you. The kids will always be very enthusiastic if you join in by preparing everything properly.

Innovative soccer training for U5 to U10 juniors

We have already prepared something to help you with our "Masked Ball" exercise; ready-made masks to print and cut out. The kids can also give you a hand if you decide to use the colouring mask. Or how about the "Treasure Map", a great dribbling exercise that generates a huge amount of excitement?

High participation guaranteed

This section includes some very special training exercises. They require a lot of effort to prepare, so you won't be able to offer them regularly, but don't leave them out completely. Boost participation by offering a varied range of exercises. The kids ought to worry that they might miss something amazing if they don't turn up for training.