Have a go - Exercise:

Treasure Map

This training exercise combines dribbling with communication

Do your U9 kids have communication problems? This competition is a playful way to teach them how to communicate. Those who dribble will see valuable tips for improving their dribbling skills.

A. Learning goals

Communication, dribbling

B. Fantasy

Puzzle=Cards with numbers from 1 to 10

C. Story

We’re on the hunt for treasure, but we’ve got a problem: the treasure map has been torn into ten pieces by a goblin. First we need to find the piece of the map with the number 1, then number 2, and so on. If we find a card in the correct order, our team can take it with us. If not, the card is put back down. You’re allowed to talk with your team-mates about where the next card might be located. The first team to collect all ten cards in the right order has found the way to the treasure.

D. Organisation

Some assembly is required here: for this soccer drill, a set of cards numbered from 1 to 10 is required. The cards are then set down at random in various places on the field. Each group needs one ball and one starting marker.

E. Description

One after the other, the children dribble to the cards on the field. They have to look for the numbers in ascending order. If a child finds a correct card, he or she takes it back with them to their team. The first team to collect all the cards wins the game.

F. Variations

  • Kids run with the ball in their hands to get them used to the concept.
  • Each child is allowed to look at two cards.
  • The kids have to run round a cone marker on their way to the cards.

G. Tips

  • The children should talk to each other.
  • Plenty of small groups in order to avoid idle time.
Have a go exercise treasure map