Have a go - Exercise:

Egg Race

Exercise to improve movement coordination under time pressure

Kids love things they already know, which is why we use this game to combine coordinated movement with dribbling and goal-shooting.

A. Learning goals

Movement coordination under time pressure, goal shooting

B. Fantasy

Egg=Object on the spoon

C. Story

We need to transport the egg carefully into the kitchen. Of course, we want to take the ball with us as well. We’ll only be allowed out to play football when the egg has been brought in safely.

D. Organisation

Divide the children into several equally sized groups. Each group needs a spoon, an object to be transported, a cone marker and a ball. Set up at least one goal.

E. Description

A small object (an egg or a tennis ball) is carried on a spoon around the cone marker. At the end of the course, the spoon is given to the next child in the group. If the egg is transported successfully, without any accidents, the child goes on to make the goal shot.

Don’t forget the competitive element between the teams.

F. Variations

  • Have the children dribble the ball while carrying the egg.
  • Have the children carry the ball in their arms as well as the spoon with the object on it.

G. Tips

  • Take the kids ability into account when using the suggested variations.
  • Avoid waiting times by having several small groups.
Have a go exercise egg race