Have a go - Exercise:

Dance Diplom

Kids' soccer parkour with diploma

This training is twice as much fun. The kids don't just do the exercise; they also get a diploma, which you can simply print out as a PDF.

A. Learning goals

Please find here a PDF sample
Movement coordination, scoring

Ball coordination, dribbling

B. Fantasy

Dancers – active kids
Jury - expectators

C. Story

Good dancers are being sought for a TV appearance. Therefore, the TV station decided to organize a dance competition. Several steps and leaps and a great closure will be required. The jury are the people who choose who will dance on TV.

D. Organisation

The itinerary can be designed depending on the available tools. It will lead the children always directly to the goal. A goal and enough balls should be available.

At the end of the training, each child receives a certificate (see PDF under "Learning goals").

E. Description

The itinerary will be designed for forward and reverse use. The coach should keep returning the balls at the end of the path, which are then shot on goal.

F. Variations

  • Different movement forms in the intinerary.
  • The goal takes place after passing through the coach.

G. Tips

  • The spectators clap and cheer loudly when the children score.
  • Each child receives a certificate!
  • Several practice fields to avoid delays.
  • With music it's even better.
Have a go exercise dance diplom