Dribbling - Exercise:

Breakfast Rolls

Improve kids' communication skills

Does this exercise teach a valuable lesson? Parents think it does, because the kids have to communicate to win the competition prize – breakfast rolls.

A. Learning goals

Ball coordination, dribbling

B. Fantasy

Bread roll=Ball
Bakers=Players at ball storage areas

C. Story

It’s Sunday morning, and you’ve been sent to the baker’s to buy some bread rolls. When you arrive, you notice that the rolls are very big. Now you need to decide whether you want to buy one, two or even three bread rolls.

D. Organisation

You’ll need lots of balls, as well as marked out areas for storing balls and starting areas.

E. Description

One child on each team is put in charge of a ball storage area. The other children on his or her team run to the ball storage area and tell the child how many ball they want to take with them. Then they return with the balls to their teams as quickly as possible. Which team will have the most balls in its starting area at the end of the game.

F. Variations

  • Use different sorts of balls (e.g.soccer balls, volleyballs, tennisballs, handballs).
  • Have the children dribble the balls back.

G. Tips

  • Make sure to divide the children into small groups in order to keep waiting times to a minimum.
  • Put a new child in charge of the storage area frequently.
Dribbling exercise breakfast rolls