Dribbling - Exercise:

Nosoccer City

Improve dribbling and orientation skills

An exciting and motivating exercise for kids. The rules of Nosoccer City are quickly explained by means of a short story.

A. Learning goals

Dribbling, teamwork, successful tackling plays no role.

B. Fantasy

Nosoccer City=Circle training ground
Safety fence=Kids who are holding hands.

C. Story

The town of “Nosoccer City” has protected itself from soccer coaches, by putting up a fence around the city. The residents don't want their children to play soccer under any circumstance, and that's why no ball can be found in the town. During construction of the fence, one thing was left unnoticed: the fence has some holes big enough to fit a soccer ball through. Soccer is so awesome that we want to try and provide the Kids of “Nosoccer City” with soccer balls.

D. Organisation

As many children as possible form a circle and hold each others hands. Two children are inside the circle and the rest remain outside of the circle. To each child outside the circle a ball is provided.

E. Description

A ring of kids, who are holding each other by the hand, are trying to prevent that the balls penetrate the inside of the circle. Within the circle are 2 to 3 children who are waiting for balls. The other kids dribble around the circle and try to pass the ball into the center of the circle. Who is able to pass the most amount of balls into the circle's center within two minutes?

F. Variations

  • Outside of the circle, all kids dribble in only one direction.
  • The balls are carried and rolled.

G. Tips

  • Only suitable for larger groups, otherwise the circle is too small.
  • he ball should be rolled and carried when first introducing the drill.
Dribbling exercise nosoccer city