Goalshot - Exercise:

Dragon Game

Using goals as a fantasy component

Looking for an imaginative exercise for your kids' soccer team? We highly recommend our Dragon game. The dragon is invisible, but kids love this game.

A. Learning goals

Goal shot, team play

B. Fantasy

Dragon’s mouth=Goal target area
Water pills=Balls

C. Story

A dragon is attacking our soccer pitch. It wants to burn our grass (clubhouse, goals). We need to stop it from spitting fire by shooting water pills into its mouth. You can only stop a catastrophe from occurring by shooting ten water pills into the dragon’s mouth.

D. Organisation

The goal is separated into three zones using cone markers. Split the children into two or three groups per goal. Make sure each group has enough balls.

The target zone changes on every run-through, but not the starting position of the groups. Which will be the first team to hit the target ten times?

F. Variations

  • Only the left or right leg can be used to shoot.
  • No shooting at the goal; the ball is rolled or thrown.
  • After every shot, the kids shout: "Drink, dear dragon!"

G. Tips:

  • Use different balls for the various throwing options.
  • Make the groups as small as possible.
  • Instead of using target zones, put a goalkeeper in the goal, but still start the groups at the same time.
Goalshot exercise dragon game