Goalshot - Exercise:

Jungle Monkeys

Jungle Monkeys is a goal-shooting parkour for kids' soccer

The picture shows you our sample parkour, which includes exercises such as climbing, running and jumping before shooting at the goal.

A. Learning goals

Movement co-ordination, goal shot

B. Fantasy

Hiding place=Goal

C. Story

A monkey is looking for a coconut. To find it, he needs to find his way past lots of obstacles in the jungle. He springs from tree to tree, and crosses rocks and rivers. When he finds the coconut, he brings it back to his hiding place straight away.

D. Organisation

Set up an obstacle course and have plenty of balls ready for the goal shot. A goalkeeper is positioned in the goal.

E. Description

The children navigate and pass through all of the obstacles on the training field. The order in which they do so is not important. After the last obstacle, they go directly to take the goal shot.

A competitive element can also be introduced into the exercise. It’s also possible to have fewer balls than children, meaning that slower children will finish the course empty-handed.

F. Variations

  • Have the children dribble a short distance with the ball before taking the goal shot.
  • The children take a ball with them through the obstacle course.

G. Tips

  • Keep replacing the goalkeeper.
  • Set up an adequately sized obstacle course.
Goalshot exercise jungle monkeys