Goalshot - Exercise:

Birthday Party Guest

The kids practice goal-shooting techniques

This game can be combined with the Hailstorm exercise. It's a good way to familiarise the kids with soccer. There are no duels, but an opponent is never far behind.

A. Learning goals

Putting opponents under pressure, responsiveness

B. Fantasy

Birthday boys/girls=Group of children
Birthday party guest=Goal shooter

C. Story

We’re going to get presents. A birthday party guest has brought a present, but only for the birthday boy/girl. Make sure the party guest hands over his present. Whose birthday is it – who’s going to go and get their present?.

D. Organisation

We need one goal, one goalkeeper and one ball per group.

E. Description

A ball is set up ready for a goal shot. A group of children stand in a row next to each other some distance away from the goal. The children hold their hands out in front of them. A children runs up to this group, and claps three of their hands. As soon as the third hand has been touched, the child who clapped the hands of the other three runs up to the ball and tries to take the shot. This kid is followed by the child whose hand he clapped, who tries to stop the shot from being made.

F. Variations

  • No hand clapping: the kids start running when they hear the words “Happy birthday, [name]!”
  • After having his or her hand clapped, the chasing child counts to three before running.

G. Tips

  • Make sure to divide the children into small groups in order to keep waiting times to a minimum.
  • Change the kids roles frequently: don’t forget the goalkeeper.
Goalshot exercise birthday party guest