Goalshot - Exercise:


Teaching kids simple goal-shooting techniques

Want to teach kids goal-shooting techniques? In the Hailstorm game, the ball isn't rolling when the kids try to score a goal, which makes the process easier, but still difficult enough.

A. Learning goals

Shooting, reaction

B. Fantasy

Hail guard=goalkeeper
Harvest=soccer goal

C. Story

A hail storm breaks out and the threat of severe damage to the harvest should be avoided: the hail guard. The special thing is that the hailstones are shot with the foot and always four at a time.

D. Organisation

Allocation of the children in four groups. Each group will receive at least one ball. The shooting will be marked and then a goal and a goalkeeper are missing.

E. Description

The first kids of four groups will place their balls next to each other in a horizontal. At the trainer’s command the children will run to the balls and shoot at the goal. The goalkeeper tries to fend off the balls. Then the next children will compete against each other for the goal.

Which group achieved the most goals after one cycle?

F. Variations

  • Shooting after dribbling.
  • The kids don’t shoot at the same time, but one after the other.
  • Dribble in front of the goal through a slalom gate.

G. Tips

  • Pay attention to the small groups to minimize the waiting times.
  • Change the goal frequently.
  • Before shooting call: hail storm!