Passing - Exercise:

Hot Potatoes

Exercise to teach kids how to pass the ball

The kids must be divided into at least two groups. Each group stands in a circle and is given a ball.

A. Learning goals

Passing under time pressure

B. Fantasy

Hot potatoes=balls

C. Story

The potatoes are hot, and none of you want to keep them longer than necessary. Each potato will be passed as fast as possible.

D. Organisation

At least two groups will be required, so split the children accordingly. Each group stands in a circle and gets one ball.

E. Description

Two teams form each a circle. Around the circle, a ball is passed. Which team is the fastest?

F. Variations

  • Pass always two times forward and one in the opposite direction.
  • Counter/clockwise.
  • Throw the ball with his hands around the circle.

G. Tips

  • Pass under time pressure.
  • For large groups, create more teams.
  • Don’t forget to use both legs.