Specifics – Fun and games – So easy and yet so hard

  1. Goals
  2. Soccer Drills selection and implementation
  3. Game specifics
  4. I’m not a soccer coach

A. Goals

As a kids soccer coach, you can start by forgetting all of your normal soccer goals; this is the basis for successful work.

There is only one goal: the children should stay with soccer over the years. Even this statement can be put more mildly: the kids should discover that sport can be fun and remain active as they grow up; whether they do this in soccer or elsewhere is secondary.

This means that coaches have a great responsibility, which is not always carried properly.

Again: it’s not about reaching soccer goals, but unfortunately, this is often misunderstood. The main focus is on fun and enjoying soccer drills. This means that soccer isn’t always the best game for this.

B. Exercise selection and implementation

Offer soccer drills with varied equipment; for example using different balls. A great selection of other training aides is even better. This can include poles, hurdles, hoops, and various gymnastics equipment in the gym hall.

Now you just need good movement games that are not only offered as is, but are packaged in an exciting story. That is the first step to offering soccer practice suitable for kids.

We have started soccer-specific exercised at If you look at the variations however, you will see where things will be going in future. Even the division of sections is completely superfluous and is due to general opinion. This division and the soccer-specific selection are not harmful; they give you a good idea of how to conduct practice with fun and games. “Wanted – Delivered”. Everything else remains to be seen.

In kids training it is important to find soccer drills that are fun and that are aimed at honing their movements. Take time setting up these soccer drills, support their imagination with pictures, tell them an exciting story and then: let them play, play, play. This should be enough to start with; the foundations will be laid.

C. Game specifics

When playing against other teams it is important that each child plays for the same amount of time; substitutions aimed at success don’t exist. Positions are not necessary, since each kid can play anywhere; even the goalkeeper’s position changes constantly. The job of the person standing on the sidelines is to implement exactly this and to create a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

D. I’m not a soccer coach

Activities in addition to games and practice: A very important aspect for the little stars.

Field trips, short vacations or other activities tie the kid to the team and promote social competence. Unfortunately, in some clubs the opinion still prevails that it is easy to coach a bambini team and you don’t really have to know anything about it.

This is a big misconception. The people should be carefully chosen, just like with the men’s first team. The damage that can be done to mini kickers is much bigger than with seniors.

Each kids coach needs at least one assistant and other helpers to provide proper supervision. Helpers can often be found in the form of parents. One thing that every person responsible for bambini training should know: I’m not a soccer coach! Anyone wanting to be a soccer coach should not take on bambini training, but should focus on older groups.

This was only a short summary of the specifics of coaching kids.

If you would like to know more, you can find a variety of texts on the subject at Soccerpilot.