Fantasy in soccer training

Soccer is a kids' game and provides some exciting stories to make for some diverse soccer practices.

It's not really soccer practice because soccer-specific drills aren't the best way to thoroughly teach very young children to play a sport. We want to introduce sports activities in a playful way, so we've packed our exercises full of action, adventure, fairy tales and stories about everyday life. These stories integrated with the exercises offer a fantasy world that has to be explained to adults by the children before the adults explain all the methods and exercises. Children will understand that immediately because there are some things they are better at than us adults.

The golden door, the coughing monster, a trip around the world, or imagining the coach as a magician or a policeman, anything is possible and every soccer practice will be memorable. Some preparation is necessary for certain exercises: making masks, preparing some documents, and organizing clothespins, but it's worth the work because the kids' bright, happy faces are the reward. The relevant story is shown along with the description of each exercise.

In a separate section, provides information about dealing with the children not only on the soccer field, but also in group activities. The social skills of a soccer coach are perhaps the most important foundation for working successfully with teams of kids.