Basic rules for dealing with a kids team

- The coach must be aware of his status as a role model.

- Keep praising the children; never criticize them openly.

- The coach sets boundaries and remains consistent in their implementation.

- Even bad sequences should be talked about in a positive manner.


- Never compare the kids in a team to each other or with other teams. The children should further develop their own personality and performance; a comparison can cause severe psychological damage. By acting incorrectly, the kid can be given the impression of never being good enough.

- Children pick up more than you think. Never talk about the kid; always talk to it.

- A coach always thinks his team is great and never speaks negatively? Children are not responsible for a coach’s frustrations.

FIFA has created basic rules for kids soccer, which should be followed even more so with mini kickers:

- Kids soccer means play; play means fun!

- The most important thing for kids is that they are with their friends!

- Everyone should have the same amount of participation!

-Teach children both things: winning and losing!

- More practice – fewer matches!

- Kids soccer should be diverse and versatile!

- Teach them to respect their opponents and the referee!

- The games are for the kids and not for the adults!