Coordination - Exercise:


Ball coordination with throw-ins and passing balls after dribbling

Looking for a really exciting exercise for kids to teach ball coordination? The soccer balls are constantly passed between the kids in the group like fireballs.

A. Learning goals

Ball coordination, team play

B. Fantasy


C. Story

A fireball has fallen to the Earth from a distant star. It doesn’t look like it, but if you touch the ball, you’ll notice that it’s very hot indeed. Nobody wants to hold the fireball, and so everyone should pass it on to the next child as quickly as possible.

D. Organisation

Divide the children into groups of three. Mark out the playing field. Each group of three kids gets one ball.

E. Description

The groups move freely around the playing field. Each team has a ball, and the children in the group all have a number from one to three. At the start of the exercise, the child numbered 1 holds the ball in his or her hands. The trainer gives the command, and calls a number. The ball is rolled to the kid whose number was called.

F. Variations

  • The ball is thrown to the next player.
  • The ball is given quickly to the next player from a dribble.
  • The ball is passed.

G. Tips

  • Take the children ability into account when using the suggested variations.
  • Give loud and clear commands.
Coordination exercise fireball