Coordination - Exercise:


Coordinating movement training

Can't wait? Move like a robot; kids' trainers can do that! A great training exercise for promoting coordinated movement.

A. Learning goals

Movement co-ordination, fun

B. Fantasy

Signal=Call out “low power”

C. Story

We’ve made a robot. The robot can think, but it can’t move very much. It’s going to practise moving now, but we need to remember that the robot needs a lot of energy to move. That means that it’s important for the robot to go back to the battery in good time, otherwise it won’t be able to move any further. A signal will warn us in plenty of time.

D. Organisation

For this exercise, we need a playing field, a ball for each child, and good commands.

E. Description

The children stand on the playing field with their balls. On the trainer’s command, they carry out various different movements, and imitate robot movements.

At some point, the trainer calls out “low power”. The children then run back to their ball immediately and lift it up.

F. Variations

  • Carry out various different movements.
  • Jump forwards or backwards.
  • Walk or run forwards or backwards.
  • Hop forwards or backwards.
  • Turn round on the spot.
  • Crawl forwards or backwards on all fours.
  • Walk on heels.
  • Shake heads about.
  • Move arms around in a circle, forwards or backwards.
  • Sidesteps.
  • The children can pick up any ball rather than having to go back to their own.

G. Tips

  • Pay attention to the children’s level of ability when deciding which variations to use.
  • Give the children plenty of praise for enthusiastic, funny robot movements.
Coordination exercise robots