Team Games - Exercise:

Europe Trip

European tour for the U5 to U10 age groups

We have planned a tour of Europe. It's much too far for one kid to travel, so we have divided it into several individual trips.

A. Learning goals

Communication, team play

B. Fantasy

Journey length=Number of players in the group x 4 laps around the playing field
Journey legs=Laps

C. Story

We’re starting off on a journey around Europe. The journey is far too long for one kid to do alone, so we’re separating it into individual legs. Now each kid has to decide, either on his or her own or with the rest of the group, what happens. Either four journeys can be done after the other by each kid, or they can have a break after the first, second or third journey. The kids can have a rest, and let the aeroplane take the stress for a while. Which way is faster – four journeys one after the other for each kid, or with an added break in the middle?

D. Organisation

A square playing field is marked out. Divide the kids into four groups, each with a ball.

E. Description

A group is positioned at each corner of a square. Each kid has to dribble four laps around the square. The kids themselves, or the groups, are allowed to decide whether to dribble all of the laps one after the other, or whether they want to give the ball to the next player after one, two or three laps. Altogether, though, each kid has to run around the square four times. Of course, the exercise also includes an element of competition. It’s a little game of communication, because the groups need to decide how they can complete the task in the fastest time.

F. Variations

  • The ball is carried in the players’ hands.
  • Have the kids run in a clockwise direction.

G. Tips

  • For large groups, reduce long waiting times by setting up several playing fields.
  • Make sure the kids communicate with other group members.
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